Thursday, December 29, 2011

End of 2011/30.12.2011

Dear blogger/readers

This is my last Friday entry for 2011 and welcome the an of this year aq dapat saudara baru lagi which my cousin had deliver her son yesterday, back from holiday with my family, gain weight again, still not done yet my assignment and not prepare yet for my quiz this fucking Sunday..omaigod...see 1 week is not enough for the semester break...seem like this is my last day for 2011 so aq hope Ada la keajaiban supaya aq dapat siapkan assignment aq...

Talking about holiday..satu minggu aq tak lekat di pergi Penang shopping=year n sale..then Cameron highland strawberry, steamboat = gain calory, lastly perak = seafood... thanks mama abah coz u really treat me more than I hope... Now I'm home...prepare back to merbok and prepare my any with Simon this Saturday kikikiki...

( mama Jim pergi shopping barang dapur pula ) ......zzzzzzzzzzz

P/s sorry Simon 1 minggu saya tinggalkan awak...hihihi

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