Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Aku mula jatuh hati kepadamu
Setelah kau kata cinta padaku
Masing-masing dulu punya pasangan
Akhirnya kita bersama
Pertama kali kita bersua bertentang mata
Terasa ada kimia di antara kita

Kau kucup pipiku
Kau bisikkan cintamu
Kau kata baby I love you
Kau cairkan hatiku

Ku rasa disaat kita berdua bersama
Memandang bulan terang
Menyaksi bintang-bintang
Kau seru akulah pelangi cintamu

Ku rasa disaat kita berdua bersama
Memandang bulan terang
Menyaksi bintang-bintang
Kau seru akulah pelangi cintamu
Kau seru akulah pelangi cintamu

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

28 /12/2010
hari ulangtahun aku dengan simon
selamat hari ulangtahun sayang.
apa yang aku harap,
hubungan aku dengan dia berkekalan
klu boleh aku nk sangat nk sentiasa ada dengan dia
P/s untuk awak saya akan sentiasa menyayangi awak
saya akn nerubah menjadi yg terbaik untuk awak

i love u sayang,safwan hashim

Our anniversary means a lot,
Much more than any another day;
I celebrate my love for you,
And cherish you in every way.

Through passing time, our love still grows,
A caring relationship to explore;
Our life together gets better and better,
And I keep on loving you more and more.
i love u..........

Monday, December 27, 2010

KBF 9815

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currently only one I want to say I hate 
  no scrap metal value
always create problems

gembira + marah = ??!!!*&%$

Today I'm excited to hang out with
nana.ekyn and Eika ...
free picture of our activities at 4 pm till 7 pm ...
hahahha exciting life today thanks to the camera, Eika a photographer ..

on this night what I had planned to go out with SIMON as not to be, very sadlydisappointed hurm only god knows how I feel right now, maybe there is wisdom behind all this ..... I do not know how to express my feelings now The mixed feelings of resentment is there but the car ..... huhuhuhu kinds of scrap metal can not go anywhere

Argh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SIMON sorry once again I was not able to deliver what SIMON ask ..... I hate my car ...if I can move the car away I do not mind la, but this car was always a problem ....
i am very angry now,

Sunday, December 26, 2010


first time in my life I watch the football match between Malaysia and Indonesia3-0 it was fun 
i was scream in joy when a goal is scored
congratulate the team for Malaysia was rocked Stadium..
in the future I will be watching the football game ...... hahahha not believe the liecredit to home brides couples ....."p/s: tahniah kepada pasangan pengantin baru"

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry ximas!!!

we wish u a merry ximas,
we wish u a merry ximas,


Today i am really happy,
because what i wish last night it come alive,
todoy i've got a present from santa claus,
a.k.a my father n my granny,
what a wonderful life.
i've got hangbag from my father even it's no branded,
but i am really happy at least i got something,
what i got from granny just a sum of money,
from my mum it was secret...
i am really appreciate it...
bye 2010.....(a lot of memory)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

KaWan SayA...

 tadika kedua saya, tadika kawan saya ,
sekarang ni semua da bawa haluan masing-masing.

pic ni masa saya umur 18 tahun dekat Politeknik Tunku Syed Sirajuddin
less than 6 month i be there
they are my classmate,roomate
sayang semua!!!

 pic ni plak masa saya dekat UiTM arau
here is my old classmate
masa ni class bel miss sri kandy

 here is also my roomate, my friend eva
tikah,sally,jah...rindu la.....

 ini kawan2 saya juga masa dekat arau dulu...
 my new life in UITM merbok, i am really enjoy here
my new friend, my new classmate
semuanya baik-baik


What i wish for this year???

  • i wish i have a new car
  • i wish i have a new lappy
  • i wish i have new broadband
  • i wish i have an extra money (P/s mama: bank in la lebey sket )
  • i wish i have new handphone
  • i wish i have new MP3
  • i wish i have new camera
  • i wish i get best result for this semester ( really important ) 
  • i wish 'll be a good friend, daughter, student, 
  • i wish for my birthday i have surprise party
  • i wish someone sponsor me shopping with NO LIMIT 
  • i wish i'm not waste too mush money
  • i wish i'll be more serius
  • i wish i always be with u
  • i wish i'll be treat like a princess
  • finally....????????????????

what New????

Less than 2 week i'll be back to MERBO( can't wait anymore )....hahahahaha everything is new..what is that?? :

  • new year ``2011``
  • new determination (????????)
  • new shirt, bag, hair style,image,
  • new semester * part 2 *
  • new home
  • new hobby
  • new housemate
  • new age (getting old ) :-(
  • new boyfie??( NO WAY )


  • handphone 
  • camera
  • my sling bag
  • duit ayah saya (paling saya suka )
  • ice cream 
  • makanan mama saya masak
  • hang out with my boyfie
  • watching a movie
  • shopping also window shopping
  • makeup
  • crying, laughing, dancing with nana when get bored
  • super saver, messaging
  • walk in the rain 
  • love spageti
  • i adored JESSICA ALBA
  • take a bath in the morning
  • cockcroach, lizard i hate damn much
  • cooking unless maggi
  • hot water
  • nescaffe, coffee
  • I hate SOS
  • i not really like baby
  • i don't like my ex housemate 164A (except nana)
  • eat breakfast
P/s nothing more to update la...:-)

Dolce Ricardo con lui

Kali pertama saya mengenali kamu d  kedai topup P RAMLEE tika itu ku masih tidak mengenali wajah mu sama sekali hanya mengenali kamu sebagai "DNE"..... Perkenalan kami bermula di akhir 2007 hanya berhubung melalui telefon, hubungan kami semakin rapat sehingga wujud bibik- bibik cinta hehehehe our face date dekat aneka dengan ditemani oleh FATIN FARHANA my bestfrend eva ....tika pertengahan 2008 hubungan kami semakin renggang tiada lagi keceriaan, tiada lagi super saver,tiada lagi sms,tiada lagi date sehingggakn birthday saya pun dya lupa tapi saya still tunggu dya even dya beranggapan saya ada orang lain sehinggalah penghujung 2009 mungkin semua ni berpunca dari saya x caring, saya selfish,saya x pandai,saya x cantik mcm yg lain,saya degil,saya selalu buat dya mara,saya selalu kc alasan bila dya ajak kuar, saya x PERFECT.....hurm.....Diawal 2010 entah macam mana hubungan kami semakin baik n agak rapat tika i2 aq telah pun berpindah ke uitm MERBOK di sebabkn perkara tertentu.......hubungan kami semakin rapat selalu jumpa,super saver....cahaya kegembiraan terpancar x sia-sia aq menunggu..... dalam kegembiraan itu badai melanda sekali lagi( aq dan dya jew thu) kecewa teramat sgt but its okay.....:-(....betol kata orang bercinta x semestinya indah berlaka ada juga pasang sekarang semuanya da agak ok...hhihihihihi..... 
so now our relationship almost 3 year a lot of thing that i learn from that:
  • Nak keluar mana kena kc thu
  • x boleh menggatal dengan laki lain
  • ikot jew ckp dya (bangkang sket2 ok)
  • fon call kena angkat lau x kena mara ( klu perasan agkt la)
  • x bole gangu dya tido
  • jgn mara2 dya x tentu pasal
  • jgn bercakap benda yg dya x suka
  • klu dya kritik apa2 diam jew
  • buat apa2 mesti bersumpah (SUMPAH TIPU GAGAL) hahahha
  • dalam sehari jgn sombong ngan dya
  • klu buat benda yang x dya suka nanti dya balas 100 kali ganda
awak happy saya senyum,
awak marah saya sedih,
awak tengking saya, saya diam
awak tipu saya saya terima,
sbbnya saya x nk hilang awak


Sunday, December 19, 2010

one Of mY hOBby.....:-)

ini la akitiviti saya ketika saya dalam keboringan yg teramat sangat but i'm really enjoy it....
yg telah merialisasikan hobby saya hari ni
love u mmmmuuuaaahhhchpzzzz

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Staying awake in a boring class

Some ways to stay awake in a boring class are:
  • writing
  • drink coffee or any caffeine drink
  • yawn – to improve the oxygen supply
  • try to detect mistakes being made
  • chew gum
  • answer questions

Bored at home

If  you cannot leave home and are getting bored , some of the things you could do are:
  • Read magazines
  • Watch movies on TV
  • Talk on the phone
  • Exercise
  • Play games on the computer
  • Take a walk
  • Listen to music
  • Crafts and embroidery
  • Research various things

Boring weekends

Some suggestions to make weekends less boring are:
  • Friends
  • Scrapbooking
  • Games
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Games

Bored looking for a job

If  you are jobless and bored, some of the options available to keep you occupied are:
  • Read
  • Learn a new skill
  • Start physical training
  • Learn a musical instrument
  • Fix your house
  • Get a new hobby
  • Search and apply for online jobs

About today

Dear DIARY...........

what i am done today???  (^-^)

6.30am : kejutkn my cyg tido ( Mood sleepy ) :-)  
10.00 am: wake up (@*@)
11.00 am: take a bath n prepare myself nk g kenduri ( makan byak hari ni ada 3 kenduri )
????- 6.00pm: keep messaging my cyg tp hurm x reply lngsung...( alasan  ~ kedit x da x kuar topup )
9.00 pm: watching a tv ( mari menari FINAL ) congrat to pasangan razif
10.30pm: i'm on9 now hehehe ( hobby) 

Friday, December 17, 2010

JoB InTerViEw

MANAGER : What would you bring to the position??
SIMON         : I have exquisite sensitivity,i have deep insight into
                        human suffering,
                        sometime i have confidence in my own ability,and 
                        other time i have inflated view of myself
                        and i may disappear for week at a time,
                        sometime my medication make me  fart....

hahahahahahhahahahhaha i'm just kidding.....esok my cyg nk g interview luck ur best ok...
( ^-^)                       

JOB RECRUITMENT: 3+ EXPERIENCE,BS/BA , MBA are preferred, must be able/willing to violate ethical  standard in exchange for pathetically small check....


Thursday, December 16, 2010



 I'm start blogging now since ramai sgt yg update blog especially my sis ekyn (^-^). how i wanna start???seriously i have nothing to share.....let me start with me first,my name nur fatin nabillah just call me bell, i from Jitra Kedah still study in UiTM Merbok, I have three sibling n i'm the eldest one. Ekyn!!! she is my sis not so hot ok la she's cute even kami slalu gado but its not mean yg kami ni x rapat. Faryz!!! grrrr......he is my little bro always make me hot so annoying sometime i feel like wanna kill him brrr but his quite funny la always do the stupid thing a.k.a patrik ( secret). My dad...mohd roadi, for me he is a perfect guy no need to explain more. My mum, suzane super hot mama hahaha she is really funny, still working,  nothing more to share about her hahahah. About my boyfie???hihihihi( blushing) we have know each other almost 3 year, i just call him SIMON ( just i n dya jew thu SIMON stand 4 what). he is really good guy, funny,hot tempered ( sorry) but i don't care because i really love him......i love them damn much MmMmMuuAaaAhhChpzzz....

If I Die Young-The Band Perry-LYRICS! :)