Thursday, December 16, 2010


 I'm start blogging now since ramai sgt yg update blog especially my sis ekyn (^-^). how i wanna start???seriously i have nothing to share.....let me start with me first,my name nur fatin nabillah just call me bell, i from Jitra Kedah still study in UiTM Merbok, I have three sibling n i'm the eldest one. Ekyn!!! she is my sis not so hot ok la she's cute even kami slalu gado but its not mean yg kami ni x rapat. Faryz!!! grrrr......he is my little bro always make me hot so annoying sometime i feel like wanna kill him brrr but his quite funny la always do the stupid thing a.k.a patrik ( secret). My dad...mohd roadi, for me he is a perfect guy no need to explain more. My mum, suzane super hot mama hahaha she is really funny, still working,  nothing more to share about her hahahah. About my boyfie???hihihihi( blushing) we have know each other almost 3 year, i just call him SIMON ( just i n dya jew thu SIMON stand 4 what). he is really good guy, funny,hot tempered ( sorry) but i don't care because i really love him......i love them damn much MmMmMuuAaaAhhChpzzz....

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