Monday, May 16, 2011


i'm in love with this guy.....:)
it's about 5 year we are are together,
dah macam benda kami lalui bersama,
i would'n forget u so i went and let you blow my mind
I want the world to see you be with me...
today my sis,mum and me were having  girl talk, talking about marrige and kid hehehe
mama said " kakak is not getting married cos she will ended up with divorce"
what??pfff.." i wanna have a baby with big eye hahaha"...gatal kn...
why i'm not getting married??seperti yg mama saya cakap:

  • macam mana nak kawin kalau x thu memasak
  • macam mana mama nk berhadapan dengan bisan mama
  • sangat memalukan anak mama x tahu memasak
  • apa mama nk makan kalau mama pergi umah kakak
  • x ada sapa yg nk kawin kalau x thu masak

wow...semuanya betul tp x perlu risau la sekarang da banyak makanan segera la plus cakap jew nk makan apa semuanya ada..beli perencah jew......and one more thing u just yahoo jew nk makan apa,masak apa...senang...

mama said " u have to learn how to cook "


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