Friday, February 11, 2011


ANIYONGSAYO..:-) story today??what???
actually i'm just stay at home by myself,
no one here to accompany me,
my housemate was busy with their activity,
nana going to KUALA LUMPUR,
wany and yana have an event to attend,
what about me??
be a FULL TIME GUARD in this house..really awesome...
wake up in the morning around 7pm something...
i have to send my housemate to campus cos their car was break down,
then i have a breakfast just a biscut and a cup of tea while watching a movie,
continue my hobby sleep in naked hahah ( i'm just kidding )
next i'm prepare myself for lunch just maggi and tidy up my house.
what else??
unbelievable cos i am so boring be a guard so i've change to be a maid,
now i'm wash my car this is the first time...really nice...
in my head said i don't need FAIRLADY cos my car really good,
unexpected today was a rainy day...oh no i'm just wash my car...hurmmm
it's ok..never mind...because next week i have a quiz so i'm start study,
just made a mind map,short note,and memorize some term,
finally my hobby ever updating i come baby.....
now i'm thinking about cup cake??
should i made a cupcake now????

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